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2013 Activities

Ffter a first year of performance where, due to lack of knowledge of the institutions, followed the directions from the city of Povoa de Varzim, Fundação Monte opted, in 2013, to support less institutions, but with a more active intervention in their daily experience.
The institutions chosen in Povoa de Varzim were two, the Obra de Santa Zita and the Instituto Madre Matilde, both dedicated to children and teenagers from needy families.
In 2014 we continue to contribute and in permanent contact with both institutions.

In Ponte de Lima two entities were also selected, the Centro Paroquial e Social de Calheiros, by suggestion of the Municipality, and the Associação Portuguesa de Pais e Amigos do Cidadão com Deficiência Mental.
Initially it was the APPCDM who contacted us to ask us about the possibility of integrating an element of the institution, Diogo, in one of the companies of the group.
We were so pleased that we chose the institution as worthy of donation by the Foundation.
Diogo was hired to work at Gintegral in April 2014 under a traineeship of the IEFP.

In addition to the donations delivered, the Foundation contributed, in 2013, for a task long performed by Ms. Irene, Member of the Board of Trustees, which is the distribution of Christmas hampers for the most needy families.

The hampers were composed of cod, pasta, noodles, rice, olive oil, oil, sugar and cinnamon.

The list of people is increasingly extensive. In 2014, the Foundation aims to help even more families.

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